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 As per Article 17 of Medical Treatment Law: “Ambulance must be installed with a siren and flashing red light.” Using the siren while transporting patients to a hospital is to remind other vehicles and pedestrians to yield the road and let the ambulance pass so that patients may get to the hospital in time; accidents can be avoided and the safety of people can be assured.
There have been many collision accidents with vehicles of the Fire Department. Drivers are always complaining that they do not hear the siren. In order to avoid the occurrence of accidents and to protect the safety of the people, it’s necessary to use the siren. As for the complaint that loud sirens affect the tranquility of the people, the Fire Department does instruct fire fighters in all field assignments that, when passing residential areas or narrow lanes in the evening, ambulances must lower the siren volume so that they won’t affect the tranquility of the people.

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 The locking of safety doors or stacking of objects that obstructs safety doors or exit passages is under the Public Works Department’s authorization. (Fire Department is authorized by law to perform fire prevention safety inspection) If the above mentioned matters are discovered while the Fire Department is performing a fire prevention safety inspection, we will dispatch people to assist in inspection and report it to the authority. In order to save time, you may report to the County Magistrate’s e-mail box or leave your message in the reporting box of the Public Works Department on http://www.publicwork.tpc.gov.tw, or call them at 2960-3456 ext.7601-7682.

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1.Please bring any information or supporting documents along with you and apply at the Reception Room on ground floor of Fire Department or at any nearby Fire Station.
2.Fill in the application form (as in attachment 3) and attach necessary information, then mail or fax it to the Fire Investigation Department. (Note: Attached information including seal, front and rear copy of ID Card, and any document that is sufficient to prove that the building or the objects are belong to the applicant)

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 Once the Fire Department has surveyed the fire scene and considered that there is no further necessity to seal off, a Site Survey Completion Notification will be given to the residents. Whether it is allowed to clean or recover the fire scene will be up to the prosecutor’s decision.

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 1. Please log on to New Taipei City Fire Department website at http://www.fire-en.tpc.gov.tw; choose the Download menu and download the form for an ambulance care certificate. Having filled in the form, fax it along with a copy of your ID to 82526018 for processing.
2. Please go to any Squadron of Fire Department and fill in an application form, and fax it along with a copy of your ID to 82526018 for processing.

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 1. A balcony is an attachment to the construction. No installation of fire prevention safety equipment is required on a balcony. The primary functions of a balcony are: (1) Extending from outer wall so that it can block fire from burning upward; (2) Provision of a temporary shelter. 
2. The incorporation of balcony into an inside room is illegal. If the wall between the balcony and a room is torn down, the ability to block a fire is therefore diminished.
3. It will cause the original design of fire prevention equipment to become insufficient and the fire alarm and fire extinguishing ability will be lost. (Protection area of sprinklers and fire alarm detectors will become insufficient for all indoor areas).
4. The emergency shelter space for rescue or call for rescue will be gone. Once a fire and smoke disaster strikes, you will be stuck with nowhere to go.

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1.The principle of heater installation is to make sure that the heater is placed outdoor or on open balconies.
2.To make sure there is good ventilation while using gas stove. 
3.If it is necessary to cook or boil water in a place with poor ventilation, please use electric heating appliance instead.

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 Emergency power sockets are necessary equipment in fire fighting, and are the public equipment of the building and administered under the building management committee. If anyone connects self-owned appliances to the emergency power sockets without the consent from the Committee, the committee must send for the technicians to gather related evidence and to inform the police for (Theft) investigation.

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 The setup of fire lanes is publicly ruled in related laws and regulations on constructions. Their governing authority is Public Works Department, New Taipei City. You can file your report directly to them.

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1.As it is stated in the Article 29 of Medical Treatment Law: “Paramedics must follow the direction from Disaster Rescue Command Center and speed to the scene for first aid, and escort the patient to a proper medical institution nearby. 
2.The primary concern of the Department is the condition of the patient at that time. In order to avoid the delay owing to long distance of delivery, we must send the patient to the closest proper hospital for treatment according to the patient’s condition.
3.Calling 119 to get first aid before arriving at a hospital is instructed to serve all people. If we send a patient to a hospital that is chosen by a patient only out of habit, the distance and time consumed for the delivery not only affects the conditions of the patients who are really in an emergency, but also affects the right of other emergency patients in the area to see doctors